About the Committee

The mandate of this committee is to assist those affected by the closure of the Smelter transition to new employment and/or training opportunities. The committee is composed of employee (hourly and staff) and company representatives as well as WorkingNB and community economic development representatives.

“Residents and leaders know there are both short-term and long-term needs we want to address to make our region successful for the future.”

Denis Caron – Committee Chairman


The activities of the Labour Force Adjustment committee are but one piece of the work being done following the closure of the Belledune plant. The complete structure is as follows:

1)      Steering Committee (SC):

The role/mandate of the SC will be to provide direction to the sub-committees in regard to the broader vision. They will ensure that the sub-committees’ work adheres to their specific roles/mandates and will safeguard that the work being done complements itself and avoids duplication or out of scope activities. They will also be available to network and communicate with stakeholders to ensure that the activities undertaken are corresponding to affected employees and community needs/expectations.

2)      Labour Force Adjustment Committee (LFAC):

The role/mandate of the LFAC sub-committee will be to establish an action plan that will provide supports aimed at facilitating the employment transition of affected employees.

3)      Economic Development Opportunities (EDO):

The role/mandate of the EDO sub-committee will be to establish an action plan to support the impacted supply chain in its efforts to mitigate the loss of revenue from the Belledune operation. In addition, the Economic Growth sub-committee will be charged with developing a comprehensive and coordinated effort to support the economy of the greater Chaleur-Restigouche region.